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So, we have made it past the halfway point of MoWriMo – the local version of NaNoWriMo – Montrose Writing Month at the Montrose Colorado Library. How is everyone doing? Freaking out or freaking awesome? Remember this is a goal that you have set. It can be a poem a week, three short stories, x amount of hours, a word count. A goal is a goal no matter how big or small.

For those of you that are struggling- look at what you have done already. It’s probably more than what you have done in the past. Maybe you have bitten off more than you can chew, that’s ok; spit out half and finish the rest. You know what is NOT working for you, and that in itself is a huge achievement. If it’s not working for you, change it. Keep writing and you will find what works for you.

For those of you who are sailing through this – keep going. Pay attention to what is making this work for you. Is it the space you are writing in, what you are writing on or the software you are using, time of day, closing your door, music, striving to meet the goal, enjoying the ride? Maybe you picked something new to write about, or maybe you revisited an old project with new insight. Whatever it is keeping you on track- go with it.

No matter if you are struggling or sailing you are going to learn from this.

Here is what I have learned:

  • If I have a game plan of what I am going to write about before I write, I get more words.
  • If I remember I can toss it all out- I get more words, I don’t care so much about what I am writing. It doesn’t even have to make sense! How liberating is that?????
  • If my story is not going where I want it go, I simply hit the enter button a few times and start from where I want it to be. I no longer spend time trying to get from Point C to Point H or trying to fix it – which was so frustrating because it stalled me up. Now I just go to Point H. I can figure out how to get there later or decide to just start at Point H. This revelation has been a HUGE turning point for me. I like heavy metal sometimes, but I HATE head banging! Much less head banging going on now.
  • If I fail for the day- so what? I don’t have to be prefect everyday. And on those days when the words aren’t coming, and something else is more pressing and occupying my mind- I just go deal with whatever it is, and reschedule more writing time later- and you know what? I end up with double the word count in less time because I could focus on the writing. And the writing was better. I didn’t have to think/worry/remember or anything else about the errand that was wasn’t done (which always made me feel like my time management skills sucked, which of course translated into I suck- which is untrue, but it still felt sucky!!).
  • This is not the end piece, it’s not about the editing and being final, it’s just about being.

There is one thing I think is non-negotiable of any goal achievement – it is support. Support from inside yourself is just as important as outside support. You need them both.

Meg Nagel has set up writing space for us. Click here for the times and dates. Remember it’s not late to sign up for the goal.

Start writing.

Keep what is working, change it up if it is not. See you at the library “For the Love of Words” party at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, February 4 and get your Rhinoceros for reaching your goal.